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Student families need your support! Our mission at the Student Parent Resource Center and Student Affairs & Services is to remove barriers to success and pave the way for personal and academic achievement. We believe in a two-generational approach to supporting student families. When student parents succeed, their children succeed.

Research from the Ascend program at The Aspen Institute found that “post secondary education is increasingly important to obtain a job that offers family-supporting wages, but students who are also parents face significant challenges to college completion. Nearly a quarter of all college students today are parents, and 13 percent of all college students are single parents. Programs that provide education and skills training to adults often view children as a barrier to participation; a better model would engage whole families.”

We can improve outcomes for children and families by supporting student parents to graduation at MSU. Click the button below to learn more about supporting and giving to student parents.


Make a difference

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Tay Ford (MSU c/o 2013)