On Campus

1855 Place Family Apartments

Nestled just across from the Breslin Student Event Center and numerous campus resources, 1855 Place offers one and two-bedroom contemporary family apartments. Enjoy the many amenities of apartment living in these newly developed spaces adjacent to ample onsite parking. Residents can also enjoy a marketplace and a Starbucks onsite. Designated green space and plenty of common outdoor areas offer the perfect setting for studying, picnicking, or a quick game of catch. For more information, click here.

  • One Bedroom – $808
  • Two Bedroom – $934

University Village

These four-bedroom apartments are available to those of sophomore status or higher. Located just across the street from on-campus resources, award-winning dining services and the Breslin Center. University Village is a convenient choice for the on-the-go student who still enjoys the benefits of on-campus living. For more information, click here.

  • Four Bedroom – $740

Off-Campus Listings

101 Student Services, MSU
556 E. Circle Drive
(517) 355-8286

Looking for a place to live off-campus? Utilize MSU’s Off Campus Listing Service to help you find the ideal place to rent. The Off Campus Listing Service features multiple property listings and includes advanced search filters, a roommate finder, message boards, and educational resources. It’s a FREE service.

Renters’ Insurance

Whether you live in University Apartments or off-campus, consider the purchase of renters’ insurance. This may seem costly, but the cost is small compared to large, unanticipated expenses which may result from theft, fire, or negligence.

Residents are responsible for damaged property if the damage was caused by their own negligence. The risks of being uninsured are high. Most local insurance agents will give you price estimates over the phone. Comparison shopping will help you obtain the best coverage for the lowest cost.

Subsidized Housing

There are several subsidized apartment complexes within the Lansing area for which you may qualify. Many have lower income limits, require a security deposit in the amount of one month’s rent, and a satisfactory payment record at other residences (no late payments or evictions). Some apartments allow pets and most allow washers and dryers. Often there are waiting lists for subsidized housing, so begin your housing search early. Subsidized rental rates are based on 30% of your income, substantially lowering monthly rates.

Housing Considerations

Several things should be considered when looking into off-campus rental units, such as:

• What amount is required for a security deposit?

• What utilities are included in the cost of rent?

• How much will the cost of utilities run per month?

• Is there a deposit required for the utility?

• Is it close to campus, either within walking distance or by bus?

• Are there laundry facilities, study areas, and recreational facilities?

• Can a lease be signed just for the academic year?

Cost of apartments in the Lansing/East Lansing area can range from $600 to $800 for a two-bedroom and more than $800 for a three-bedroom. Single home rental rates in East Lansing depend on the proximity to campus and the size of the home. Costs of rentals in Lansing and areas further from campus are considerably lower. However, lower costs for housing is balanced against higher transportation costs, commuting time, etc.


Spartan Child Development Center
33 Crescent Road
E. Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 353-5154

MSU Surplus Store
468 Green Way
E. Lansing, MI 48824
(517) 355-0364

The Surplus Store sells used low-cost furnishings and office supplies as well as bicycles, computers, and household items.

Residence Education and Housing Services
Wilson Hall
219 Wilson Rd., RM. G60
East Lansing, MI 48825
(517) 353-3780

Residents and their families living in University Apartments have the opportunity to take part in many programs and events that are free to the community. The dates and times of programs are posted on the website. Events are also advertised in weekly emails sent to residents.

Michigan State Housing Development Authority
735 E. Michigan Avenue
Lansing, MI 48909
(517) 373-1974

The Michigan State Housing Development Authority, established in 1966, provides loans to first time homebuyers that qualify based on their income. Home purchase educational programs are available. Section 8 subsidies (used for free choice of home location/individual houses) are currently not available. However, lists of subsidized housing apartment complexes are available.

Lansing Housing Commission
419 Cherry St.
Lansing, MI 48933
(517) 487-6550

The Lansing Housing Commission is the Public Housing Authority in Lansing, MI. Through its public housing and homeownership programs, the Lansing Housing Commission provides families, senior citizens, and disabled individuals the ability to seek and retain decent and safe affordable housing.

Hometown Housing
1290 Deerpath
E. Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 332-4663

Provides downpayment assistance and rehabilitation assistance to low-income and moderate income home buyers who are purchasing a house in the target area.

City of Lansing Single Family Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program
316 N. Capitol Ave., Suite D-2
Lansing, MI 48933
(517) 483-4040

Income eligible families that own a home and live in Lansing may be eligible to receive a 0% interest loan to help with repairs such as furnace, boiler, water heater, roof, windows, siding, sewer, and electrical.

MSU College of Law Rental Housing Clinic
610 Abbott Road
E. Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 336-8088

The clinic is staffed with second and third year law students who provide legal counseling, representation, and education to tenants and landlords who have rental housing difficulties. The service complements other local nonprofit organizations’ efforts at informing tenants and landlords about their rights and responsibilities. The service furthers those efforts when the rental housing issue is a legal one. The Clinic operates under Michigan Court Rules 8.120 which permits law students who are supervised by a member of the State Bar to provide legal services to clients.