Welcome to the Student Parent Resource Center! Our mission is to provide support, resources, campus and community connections for all MSU student parents through graduation and beyond; helping non-traditional students achieve their goals, create two-generation success, and establish long-term connections with the University.

Core Values

MSU’s core values include quality, inclusiveness, and connectivity. To that end, SPRC embodies not only the spirit but the ACTION intended to provide the highest level of engagement of student parents and families to benefit from our services. These values are intricately linked-setting the standard for our program and the support student families need to be successful at Michigan State University.

Services Offered

SPRC provides a variety of services and support for student families:

  • Advocacy for student families
  • Academic and family support
  • Guidance for communicating with faculty and advisors
  • Financial Assistance for child care, infant to age 12
  • Support in researching quality child care
  • Student Parents on a Mission (SPOM) peer organization
  • Pre-finals child care
  • Community Resource Guide
  • Student list serve with up-to-date information about community resources and opportunities for families
  • Other services as needed and requested by student parents

Available Resources/Services

-Information for faculty and staff on support needs for student parents

-Links to campus and community referrals for student parents

-Individualized consultation as needed for student parents and their families