SPOM E-Board

The 2021-2022 SPOM Executive Board

Co-Chair: Olivia Ann Kurajian

Co-Chair:  Sibbir Ahmed

Treasurer:  Izabela Birsanescu

Secretary:  Regina Anderson

Board Member:  Kristina Martinez

Advisors – Kimberly Steed-Page, Director and Laraine Walton, Administrative Assistant of the Student Parent Resource Center

Elections for the Executive Board are usually held in April. Officers are nominated and sworn in by the majority group vote. Most of the planning for the following year is conducted during the summer, and it is suggested that those interested in running plan on being available during these months. Each Board member is required to serve at least one year, beginning in May. They may be asked to help transition new recruits into their prospective positions.

The Executive Board Responsibilities:

Co-Chair – The Co-Chair basically mediates all formal meetings.  The person(s) holding the position is responsible for soliciting speakers to present information on topics that the general membership requests.

Treasurer – The Treasurer is responsible for handling all financial aspects of the group including direct deposits, direct payment vouchers, etc.

Secretary – The Secretary is present at all meetings and will take notes and distribute information when requested.  The person holding this position will keep a history of relevant information presented by the speakers.

Click here to see a copy of the constitution.

All SPOM correspondence can be sent to:

Student Parents on a Mission
c/o Student Parent Resource Center
1199 Garden City Road, Room 107
East Lansing, Michigan 48823

Contact Kim Steed-Page, SPOM Advisor
(517) 884-0195